National Conference on
“ New Advances in Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithms, and Mathematical Modeling” & 29th Annual Conference of Rajasthan Ganita Parishad

                27-28 April, 2018

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Technical Session

Sr. No. Names of Authors Title of Paper
1 Mr. Vidyadhar Sharma,
Dr. Nisha Mathur
A Study Of Distortion Theorem And Inclusion Relations For A New Class Of Meromorphic Functions
2 Til Prasad Sarma,
L. M. Saha
Complexity Investigation In Prey-Predator System With Allee Effect
3 M.K.Das, Saureesh Das,
Naveen K. Bhatraju
Recurrence Quantification Analysis Of Two Coupled Oscillators
4 Dr Yogesh Sharma A Class Of Distortion Theorems Involving Lowendes Operators Of Fractional Calculus
5 Laxmi Poonia Bianchi Type I Inflationary Universe With
Negative Deceleration Parameter In General Relativity
6 Manisha Patel, Mehul Tithalia, Hema Surati,
Munir Timol
On The Finite Lie Group Invariant Solution Of Steady Boundary Layer Flow Of Power-Law Fluids
7 Annu Choudhary, Rajendra Kachhwaha,
Arjun Choudhary
Preventing Cross-Site Scripting Attacks With Code Sanitization Techniques
8 Bhumika Nandwana , Sheifalee Trivedi , Satyanarayan Tazi , Dinesh kumar Khunteta  Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using Glove Method
9 Akanksha Mathur, Arshi Riyaz, An Illustration Of Symmetric Data Encryption Algorithm-
 Data Encryption Standard (DES)
10 Purva Sharma, Rajendra Purohit, A Comparative Study Between Symmetric-Key Algorithms:
Rc5 And Rc6
11 Dr. Mohd. Rizwanullah Multi-Commodity Network Flow Problems Under Size Reduction
Using Revised Simplex Algorithm
12 Neha Agarwal, Rajendra Purohit  A Study of Different Steganographic Methods Used for Secured Hiding of Information