National Conference on
“ New Advances in Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithms, and Mathematical Modeling” & 29th Annual Conference of Rajasthan Ganita Parishad

                27-28 April, 2018

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Welcome to TCSMM' 18

The conference on New Advances in Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithms and Mathematical Modeling aims to explore and share the progress being made in these areas. The field of theoretical computer science belong to theoretical analysis of computing, securities, communication etc. and draws the conclusion like how much the systems are reliable, how the computation is fundamentally carried out, etc.

Over the years lot of advancement has taken in the areas of algorithms, and a whole new generation of algorithms have emerged since the arrival of internet and The conference will focus on these areas, to have deliberations in the major themes given in this brochure.

Various themes in mathematical modeling will focus on those aspects of mathematics which are closely relevant to computer science. In the recent past whole lot of areas, earlier considered as specific to maths domain, now belong to Computer Science, for example how the things can be computed, what are the mathematical modes of computing and like the universal programming language l- Calculus, etc.

The conference, has also the another joint conference "29th Annual Conference of Rajasthan Ganita Parishad", to futher boost the role of mathematical theories in computer science.